About Chris

What’s it Like Working With Chris?

I think that my style of working with clients is very unique and atypical.  I understand the needs of today’s home buyers and sellers and I realize that you have many choices available to meet your needs.  How am I different?

  • Most importantly, I do not use high pressure sales tactics with my clients.  If you contact me I will do my absolute best to meet your needs, but I am not going to hound you every day pressuring you for business. I realize that many are in different stages of the home buying or home selling process and may not be ready to work with me.  That is okay.  I am here for you as a resource and I would love to help you out no matter what your current status is in the buying or selling process.
  • I know my limitations and I’m not afraid to tell you open and honestly if I’m not able to help you with your situation.  In those cases I would be glad to refer you to another professional that I feel may be able to better assist you.
  • I always put the needs and desires of my clients first no matter what (as long as it is ethical and legal).
  • respect your privacy and take it very seriously.  I will not send you unsolicited emails and will stop contacting you at any time that you ask me to.  I always keep the details of our client to consumer relationship private and will not share anything with other agents or third parties that could compromise your goals.
  • I pride myself in using the latest cutting edge technology and tools for maximum efficiency and marking reach.  I believe in customer service, personal relationships and wowing clients.  Don’t take my word for it though.  Google my name and see what others are saying about me on popular real estate websites.
  • I am available for you and always reply and respond to you as fast as possible.  Often times it is right away, but it could be longer depending on meetings that I may be in. If for some reason you try to contact me and I don’t get back to you then it was likely a technical issue or your message may have gotten lost in my inboxes.
  • I have an excellent support system and professional network behind me including my brokerage, other real estate agents in my company both locally and nationally, and a network of local real estate attorneys, home inspectors, and mortgage professionals, move managers, staging professionals, contracts and other professionals who I can refer to your specific situation or needs.

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